Version 1.2


The excised version. My beloved has firmly stated that she will not be mentioned in here, as long as she lives. So some time in may 2023 i wrote a function which will remove text between certain delimiters, wherever I put them, and optionally insert text between the other set of delimiters, as a replacement, where I write such a thing (which I actually did, in just a few places, but then even for one I'd have to write the code anyway).

The omitted text will appear as „(... n words ...)“. Also, on some 200 pictures, no larger than 1800px her likeness is pixellated at 32, so she appears as a phantom. To publish the full version, several things have to be done manually, which won't happen if I throw the spoon first. But by then that won't be my problem.

There will be a lot of this, from 21-I-1973. and on. This version was published on on 31-V-2023 (v. 29-V-2023.).

Mentions: 21-I-1973., 24-I-1973., 29-V-2023.,, in serbian