Amers are too lazy to pron it all - C

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Expression Cut down to Comment
cabernet cab  
cabin cab  
cabinet cab  
caesarian section c section  
calculus [, infinitesimal] calc  
calory cal  
camera cam  
camouflage camo as verb or noun
capacitor cap  
capital letters caps  
capodaster capo  
caravan van but only the vehicle; if it has camels, use the whole word.
carbohydrate carbon  
carbohydrate carb  
carbon carb  
carnival carny  
cartoon toon  
category cat  
celebrity celeb  
certificate cert  
champion champ  
communication(s) com  
compact comp  
company comp  
company co  
compensate comp  
compensation comp  
compilation comp  
complementary comp  
complimentary comp  
composite comp  
composition comp  
computer comp  
condominium condo  
conference con  
confess fess up not all abbr. are necessarily shorter than the original
confidence artist con (artist) full form rarely in use
conservative con  
contra con as in "pros and cons"
convention con  
conversation convo on several sites (e.g. etsy) or apps (soulseek, for one)
convict con reference: film "Con Air"
Corvette vette  
counter editorial op-ed because it's traditionally printed on the page opposite to where editorial goes
county co  
credentials cred  
credibility cred  
crocodile croc  
cucumber cuke  
curriculum vitae seevee