Amers are too lazy to pron it all - M

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Expression Cut down to Comment
macaroni mac  
macintosh mac  
magazine mag includes magazines (as a kind of newspaper) and magazines (as storage for bullets)
magnetic mag  
master of ceremonies emcee not much in the way of ceremonies is required; this one is actually short for announcer.
medical med  
medication med  
medicine med  
mercedes merc pronounce as "merk"... how is this different from abbr. "mercury"?
mercenary merc  
metastasis met  
methamphetamine meth  
metropolitan met  
metropolitan metro  
michigan mich  
microphone mike  
millilitre mil  
millimeter(s) mill, mil  
milliradian mil  
mobile device mobe  
moderator mod  
modification mod  
modify mod  
modus operandi em oh  
mononucleosis mono  
motherboard mobo  
motion picture movie  
motorcycle bike  
movie theater theater  
municipal muni