Amers are too lazy to pron it all - P

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Expression Cut down to Comment
parameter param  
parenthesis paren  
pedestrian ped  
penitentiary pen  
pepper up pep  
performance perf  
permanent undulation perm  
perpetrator perp  
pervert perv  
phenomenon phenom  
politician pol  
pornography porn  
post-doctoral studies postdoc  
post-doctorand postdoc  
prefabricated prefab  
prenuptial agreements prenups  
preparation prep  
preparatory prep  
president prez  
president pres  
press conference presser  
pro et contra pro and con plural: pros and cons
pro tempore pro tem  
procedure proc pronounced "prock" (!)
professional pro  
professor prof  
progressive (rock) prog  
promotion(al) promo  
propeller prop not so frequently used, but then the things that have them arent frequent either.
proportional(ly) pro (rated)  
proposition prop  
psychology, psychological psych  
public address system pee eye fancy name for speakers hung on walls or ceilings
public relations pee-ar euphemism for propaganda