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Expression Cut down to Comment
tablature tab  
tablet (as a format of portable computer) tab  
tablet (as a shape of medication) tab  
tabloid tab  
tabulator tab  
tactical tac  
tales of 1001 night Arabian nights  
tarpauline tarp  
taxicab cab  
technology tech, tek  
telephone phone  
telescope scope  
temperature temp  
temporary temp that's temporary anything - file, folder, airport
temporary worker temp  
theatrical property prop what is called "rekvizit" in Serbian... which is there in the category of imported words which lost connection to their roots.
tranquilizer trank  
transmission tranny  
transparency tranny i.e. a 35mm slide
transsexual tranny  
transvestite tranny  
trigonometry trig  
Tutankhamon King Tut  
tutorial tute  
typographical error typo