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>> This section is where both the pronunciation and spelling differ from what's heard in other versions of English, or where the imported words have lost the connection to the original, and were adjusted to the local ear and tongue. Surprisingly, there's not much of it, simply because the main differences are in usage - where Brits say flat, Amers say appartment etc.

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English American English Note
aluminium aluminum  
biceps bicep seems like erroneous back-formation which is now incurable
center centre  
colosseum coliseum but I never got a straight answer as to how to pronounce this: as coll-Ease-ee-um, coll-uh-See-um or how else?
complete compleat  
dialogue dialog  
discrete discreet  
entree main dish appetizer
flat appartment  
Habsburg Hapsburg  
kalium potassium  
lorry truck  
Machiavelli Machiavel Other Italian words of the kind are OK. Don't know why this one was mangled.
mahagony mahogany Latin name: Swietenia mahagoni
natrium sodium  
Osman Ottoman What we call "Osmanli Empire"
Petrarca Petrarch  
programme program  
qui pro quo quid pro quo, i.e. something for something, I'll scratch you back and you'll scratch mine misunderstaning, confusion of identities
Rotonda Rotunda While Turin for Torino is OK - every language has its own versions of toponyms... Rotonda is a building. However, the Latin root is "rotundus", so this is off the list.
sanatarium sanatorium both words are OK in US English
sub poena subpoena used as a verb - "he was subpoenaed"
through thru  
triceps tricep same as biceps/bicep
Volkswagen Volkswagon