A string of fake (translators') pearls - F

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English can be translated to Serbian as ...and than translated back as
fair: I think it's only fair mislim da je to samo fer (za "nesebično" treba truda) I thing it's no better than "fair" (needs effort for "selfless")
mislim da je samo plavokosa I think blonde is her only color
mislim da je to samo vašar I think it's just a fair (not a regular retail outlet)
feel: it's making me feel this way zbog toga se osećam ovako because of that I feel like this
nagovara me da se osećam ovako it's persuading me to feel like this
tera me da pipam ovaj drum it's forcing me to palpitate this road
fill in this form napuni ovaj kalup pour into this mold to the top
zatrpaj ovaj obrazac shovel this model over
natoči u ovaj oblik pour into this shape
fire chief vatreni poglavica the flaming head of a tribe
otpusti glavnog  
cease employment to the main guy  
free range chicken živinsko za besplatni štednjak poultry meat for a no-charge oven
oslobodite kokoš iz krajine! liberate the chicken of the frontier!