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>>One more way in which language defies logic is the abuse of prefixes, suffixes and infixes. You think that if rewind means wind back, refill means fill again, reload means load again, undo means opposite of do... that you can just go ahead and guess what the next combination of prefix and a word will mean? You're very, very wrong. Guesswork will lead you astray.

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word does not mean it means
aircraft craft using ways of, or producing, air (just like witchcraft, handcraft are) an airplane
airman man made of air aircraft flyer
balance (accounts) eqilibrium, debit equals credit the opposite, it means imbalance when they say "you have a balance there".
barman maker of bars; man who is a bar bartender
baseman man from the base a first, second, or third baseman (as per and I haven't noticed that they love recursive definitions)
batman tamer of bats, hunter of bats man who is a bat
chessman chess player piece used in a game of chess
crateful full of crates as much as fits into one crate
crystal glass a transparent vessel made out of crystal a vessel made of honed glass, which may, if done right, refract light like some crystals do; still, glass is not a crystal. On the contrary, it's the exact opposite.
driveway way where to drive the piece of concrete between pavement and garage, where one usually parks the car
elephant man tamer/herder of elephants man with a skin affection such that it resembles elephant's
exhibit opposite of inhibit display, show
gingerbread man man who makes ginger bread a figure baked from such dough
grateful full of grates full of thanks
horseman man who is a horse, or a horse herder rider
inflammable not flammable flammable
inhibit opposite of exhibit, i.e. hide (as opposed to display) forbid, suppress
invaluable not valuable valuable
manhole a human hole, a hole made by men (to differ from rathole); a hole on a man (analogously to asshole) entrance into sewers, from the pavement down.
needful full of need what's necessary
parkway piece of way where to park road through a (national or international) park
recover cover again (unless it applies to a chair with torn upholstery) to get back or regain (something lost or taken away)
reflex flex again You are as good as that guy Pavlov in reacting to things.
release lease again let go, issue
relocate locate again move somewhere else
repair pair again fix what was broken
restore store again put back; return to previous state