Ambiguity, thy name is English

What is this?
Since there are so many words missing in english (and not just american english), the common words are given the task of having multiple meanings. How does one know which meaning to apply? The common answer is context. As in "how many translators from english does it take to replace a light bulb?" - "depends on the context".With today's communications, there's often no context. Text is often squeezed into tiny spaces (cell phone screens, button captions, road and other signs). It's easy to put together two or three words, all of them loaded with multiple meanings, and divine their intended meanings from all the possible combinations, for any context that may apply.
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...may mean any of
dad: I like to tell dad jokes
I like to tell jokes to my dad
I like to tell those „dad jokes“
advanced auto parts
parts for an advanced car
parts for an advancing car
car parts you should buy in advance
car parts you need to advance
the car, which once advanced, now parts
call me a cab
get on the phone and get a taxi for me
call me a cab or a donkey or an asshole, I don't care
terrorist attacks
the attacks of a terrorist kind
one terrorist is attacking
right behind
immediately behind
behind, to the right
orange tomato juice
tomato juice in orange color
juice of orange colored tomatos
juice of oranges and tomatos
juice of orange named cultivar of tomatos
take your pick
ponesi svoj pijuk
bring your own pickaxe
uzmi svoju trzalicu
take your guitar plucker
worked in the sales department
as a slave, got good money for him
was on sale and now we have none
used to be for sale but now we hoard it
went to work for competition
went once, went twice...
adult life jacket
jacket to put on when living an adult life
life jacket for adults
English major
a military person of English army, in rank of major
an English citizen above 18 years of age
Someone who graduated English language and literature as his main course
What is failing the F5 Healthcheck?
which thing exactly is failing the f5 check?
what does "failing f5 check" mean, really?
look: sort of dress that makes me look long and hard
but then I can soften it with a scarf myself
city of: I was in A, in the capital city of B
I was in country A, in its capital city called B
I was in A, the capital city of country B