Ambiguity, thy name is English - B

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Expression ...may mean any of
bacon crumbles crumbles of bacon
bacon is crumbling
ball bearing fan ventilator with a ball-type bearing
a fan who carries balls, i.e. volunteer caddy
ball in one's court the big dance in one's palace
one has the next move
bar code education use of barcode in classrooms
teach The Code of The Bar (legal)
teaching the code of just any bar (drinking)
the code education should be barred
bare conductors run through the bus the wiring between the processor and memory/ports needs no insulation
the public transportation workers have a party on the job
baseman: first baseman first among all the basemen
guy on the first base
be cold feel cold
be of low temperature
because it was easy to start with because, for starters, it was easy
because it was the easy thing to do first
before my eyes in front of my eyes
in the time before my eyes existed
belt: Safety Experts say school bus passengers should be belted Safety Experts say school bus passengers should have safety belts
Safety Experts say school bus passengers should be whipped with belts
binary search search using bisection method
search for strings containing nonprintable characters
block display prevent display
display in a block
display of a block
Book Theatre List a book, a theatre, a list
write down a booking to a list of theaters
list of theaters where books are displayed
get a list of theaters booked
boutique software company a company that makes specialized software for boutiques
a small software company that's specializing in vertical market applications
brown sugar water brown soft drink, made with sugar
soft drink made with brown sugar