Ambiguity, thy name is English - E

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Expression ...may mean any of
eating: tables are reserved for people eating tables are reserved for people who eating
people eating is something for which tables are reserved
electric engine cooling fan electric fan which cools the engine
the fan which cools the electric engine
elephant gun A gun used specifically to fire ammunition at elephants
A gun that is in the shape of an elephant
A gun that is the size of an elephant
A gun that sounds like an elephant
A gun that is designed to be used by elephants
A gun that uses elephants as ammunition
A gun made out of elephant
A gun made by an elephant
A gun made by a person called Elephant
A gun named after a person called Elephant
A gun named after, or inspired by, elephants
elephant-carrying birds birds which carry an elephant
birds riding on an elephant
Eminent domain someone's posh house on a hill
compulsory purchase
End of Motorway Regulations end of regulatuions that apply when on a motorway
special regulations you have to obey at the end of the motorway
end user queries end the queries of the user
end the queries of the users
queries of the end user
the end user is querying
ends Saturday it ends on Saturday
Saturday is finished by it
Europe is ours, too we are among others who own Europe
Europe is just another among our possessions
every time it rains it rains every time
every time when it rains
executives personally struggling executives themselves in a struggle
executives in a personal struggle
Extraordinary rendition a jolly good version of someone else's song?
a United States government euphemism for an extra-judicial (i.e. illegal) procedure of sending criminal suspects, generally suspected terrorists or supporters of terrorist organisations, to countries other than the United States for imprisonment and interrogation
extreme moose tracks tracks of an extreme moose
extreme kind of moose tracks
the extreme moose is on track
Extreme prejudice kill anyone who's not like me?
"terminate with extreme prejudice" means to kill or assassinate
Eye drops off shelf an eye falls off a shelf
eye-drops [can be bought] off-shelf