Ambiguity, thy name is English - F

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Expression ...may mean any of
fake men's watches fake watches for men
watches for fake men
fall fashion autumn fashion
a manner of falling
falling is a fashion
feed her kittens give her kittens something to eat
give her some kittens to eat
first radio broadcast's 20th anniversary the XX anniversary of the first radio broadcast
the first XX anniversary of a radio broadcast
the XX anniversary of the broadcast of the first radio
fix the car before it's too hot fix the car before the weather gets too hot
fix the car before the car gets too hot
fly: I have seen a horse fly I have seen a horse flying
I have seen a fly which fed on a horse
free rock chip repair if you have a chip of rock that's broken, we'll fix it for free
if your car was chipped by a piece of rock, we'll fix it for free
let rock chip repair go free
we repair chips of liberated rock
we repair chips caused by liberated rock
free repair of chips made of rocks
free turkey a gratis turkey
a liberated member of the turkey species
liberate the country called Turkey
Free Will a document that the deceased left and is not charging for it; neither did his lawyer charge
Liberate William!
freedom to decide
French students French natives in school abroad
students of French language
kids in school in France
from left to right direction from left towards the right
from The Left to The Right
from the left one to the right one (given, sent)
(all the way) from the left one to the (place of) right one
fruit flies like a banana any fruit can fly... like a banana can fly
the fruit flies would like any fruit, for that's what they are