Ambiguity, thy name is English - G

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Expression ...may mean any of
gas log record of a vehicle's gas consumption
artificial log for a gas-burning fake fireplace
genius explained an explanation, all about the genius
the genius did explain
GetWordNumber() function which returns the word number, i.e. the number of words
function which returns the word whose ordinal number is supplied.
giant talking French a giant who talks French
a giant French who talks
a French who talks in Giant
girl brought her eggs girl brought eggs to her
girl brought her own eggs
go to bar go have a drink
a bar which forces your movie display to jump to where you clicked on it
golden rule yardstick made of gold
"do not do to others..."
got a ticket to the moon / I'll be leaving here soon I have a ticket to the moon and I will be leaving this place soon
I have a ticket to the moon which I will be leaving here soon
great sausage event a large sausage happened
a large event about sausages
growing concern a worry which gets larger
commercial or manufacturing company which grows
guaranteed ride fare change the ride fare is guaranteed to change
the fare for the guaranteed ride is is changing
the change of the ride fare is guaranteed
guard changed the guardians undressed and dressed again
guard was replaced with another guard
the one guardian undressed and dressed again (qv. at "Lords and Ladies", Terry Pratchett)
there was a regular change of the guard crew
the guardian become something else
the whole guard become something else
Guide Business Rules Project the guide business does rule the project
please, guide the business rules project
the project on the rules of guide business
the rules of guide business are projecting
guided missile cruiser cruiser carrying guided missiles
a guided cruiser which carries missiles
guy walks into a bar someone walks through a door and enters a watering hole
a guy doesn't watch where he's walking and hits a bar with his head