Ambiguity, thy name is English - H

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Expression ...may mean any of
have a cake posess a cake
eat a cake
he drew a base on balls achieved a base by being walked by the pitcher
he depicted a basis on the spheres
he took a vicious cut at the ball he viciously hit the ball to give it a counter spin
he was viciously wounded during the ball
he was viciously cut while standing near a sphere
hearing set for the lawsuit an auditory utensil for the lawsuit
a court hearing is scheduled for the lawsuit
her killers guys who killed her
killers she hired
hero remembered hero memorized
hero didn't forget
hero is not forgotten
hero recollected
hero reminisced
Hit Musicals from non-Musical Movies sit an a movie which is not a musical one, and aim at musicals
successful musicals made from movie theaters which had no music in them
successful musicals made from movie shows which had no music in them
successful musicals made from movies which weren't musical
successful musicals originating in one of the above
successful musicals just arrived from one of the above
hundred pound lighter a really heavy lighter
hundred pounds less heavy