Ambiguity, thy name is English - I

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Expression ...may mean any of
I am his friend too I am one among his friends
he is one among my friends
I can't help myself I am unable to aide myself
I can't stop myself from doing (whatever)
I can not take a helping
I hope no I hope that [it] will not
I do not hope
I knew him better than anyone else I knew everyone else less well than I knew him
Everyone else knew him less well than I did
I knew him when he was better than anyone else
I missed you I wished you were here
I had to shoot at you again
I once shot an elephant in my pajamas. I once shot an elephant while I was in my pajamas.
I once shot an elephant while it was wearing my pajamas.
I once shot an elephant while we both were in my pajamas.
I really hope she works out I hope she works outside
I hope she succeeds
I hope she exercises
I should ask him, not you. he is the person I should ask, and you are not
I am the one who should ask him, and you are not
I would recommend you to change you would be the one whom I'd recommend for changing
I would give you the recommendation to do a change
I would send a recommendation about you to the change
I would recommend to you to wear some other clothes
when the change comes, I'll recommend you to it
I'll leave Saturday to Denver on Saturday, I'll travel to Denver
I'll take the Sunday, and I leave the Saturday to this Denver guy
idle: Teacher strikes idle kids Teacher hits kids because they were idling
Teachers on strike, kids are idle
If kings and lords observed this If kings and lords were watching this
If kings and lords abided by this
imagine looking into a bug report for 15 minutes only do nothing else but only imagine, keep so for 15 minutes
do the imagining for no more than 15 minutes then stop imagining
do nothing else for 15 minutes but look at the bug report
do nothing else to the bug report but just keep looking at it
look for 15 minutes at nothing else but a bug report
any of the previous for fifteen of nothing else but minutes (not hours, not days)
independent film festival festival of independent film
independent festival of film
information on the planet information about the planet
information located on the planet
insane security bug insane bug about security
bug caused by insane security
internet is down here internet here is down - no worky
found the internet - it's down here
invoice recipient invoice the recipient
recipient of invoice
Iraqi head seeks arms Iraqi head seeks arms, shoulders, legs etc
Iraqi president seeks armaments
is wrong has stated a falsehood
should be another one instead
is not the proper course of action
It's been years since I saw any network switch boxes It's been years since I saw any switch boxes for a network
It's been years since I saw any network switching its boxes