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Expression ...may mean any of
Read the FAQ and admit that I am still overwhelmed. you should read the FAQ and admit that I am still overwhelmed.
I have read the FAQ and I admit that I am still overwhelmed.
receives, as a visitor in the role of a visitor, one receives something
someone receives someone else who is visiting
one receives something, because he's a visitor
record speed speed of a record (78, 45 or 33 rpm)
speed for Guinness
make a note of [the] speed
reflector beam the beam of light coming from a reflector
the construction element on which a reflector is mounted
the beam used as a reflecting device
remains found once found, can't be unfound
some remains were found
repeating data removal the data removal is periodically run
the act of repetition of the data removal
the removal of repeating data
the state of being in the process of removing data
replace ~1 with ~2 put the ~1, which has a ~2, back where it first was
take ~1 out and put ~2 instead
Reporting Services Cross Chart Filtering The services, which are reporting, cross a chart while filtering
The reporting services cross a filtering chart
Reporting the services which cross a chart by way of filtering
Revealing mistakes mistakes which reveal other facts
while revealing the mistakes
the process of discovery of mistakes
the mistakes which reveal (to differ from the non-revealing ones)
right: he's right outside he's immediately behind that door
go out, take a right turn and you'll find him
he will be wrong again if he comes back inside
roll: Martin's potato rolls Martin's rolls are made of potatoes
Martin has a rolling potato
rotating objects objects which rotate
rotation of objects
rows of nutrient controls like so many organ stops rows of nutrient controls do like so many organ stops
rows of nutrient controls, like so many organ and other stops
run out of ~ exit ~ by running
begin shortage of ~