Ambiguity, thy name is English - W

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Expression ...may mean any of
was only waiting for this moment to arrive and the moment finally arrived
actually I could have arrived earlier but I waited
washington post offices the offices of "Washington Post"
postal offices in DC
postal offices in WA
waste insulation insulation of garbage
insulation thrown away
do waste some insulation
we never spoke we never spoke to anyone
we didn't have a chance to talk to each other
we had this vow of silence and never ever said a word
We will sell gasoline to anyone in a glass container. We will sell gasoline to anyone who is in a glass container.
We will sell gasoline in a glass container to anyone.
We in a glass container will sell gasoline to anyone.
we wore down jackets we wore jackets padded with downs
we did wear our jackets down
we're making you we are manufacturing you
we are manufacturing for you
we are forcing you
we are gauding you into
wedding band orchestra playing on weddings
the ring
what ends what sort of finish
whatever is ending
what kind of goals
which thing is ending
which goals
When counters come back - will the top sellers list? ...will the top sellers be listing their wares?
...will the list of top sellers also come back?
whole bay leaves all of the bay goes somewhere
window case the frame into which a window is fit
the litigation about a window
the box in which window came
a bookcase with a glass front
window shopping buying windows
looking at shop windows
with the past tense with the past tense of the verbs
with the past being tense
without a match and without a lighter too
odd, without a pair