Missing (missinger, -est) adjectives

>>And the missing adjectives, of course. There are so many obvious partial ajdectives, i.e. where only the superlative and maybe comparative have survived the history (so far). These are keepers.

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Positive Comparative Superlative Related, maybe
answe answer answest  
arr arrer arrest  
asbe asber asbest  
be ber best  
behe beher behest  
bit bitter bittest  
boxe boxer boxest  
che cher chest  
conge conger congest  
cont conter contest  
crate crater cratest  
cre crer crest  
dete deter detest  
dige diger digest  
earn earner earnest  
fore forer forest  
harve harver harvest  
headre headrer headrest  
hone honer honest  
in inner innest  
ince incer incest  
inge inger ingest  
innermany innermore innermost  
inter interer interest  
inve inver invest  
manif manifer manifest  
mod moder modest  
northwe northwer northwest  
out outer outest  
palimpse palimpser palimpsest  
playe player playest  
pow power powest  
prote proter protest  
pry prier priest  
que quer quest  
reque requer request  
t ter test  
taxpaye taxpayer taxpayest  
temp temper tempest  
utmany utmore utmost  
we wer west  
wildebee wildebeer wildebeest