What's in a name - S

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Last name Literal meaning Explanation
Salman Solomon [Arabic]
Sándor Alexander [shandor] Hungarian version of the name.
Sarkozy mid-mud sar (pron. shar) - mud, köz - between, among, common to (Hungarian)
Schlesinger Silesian (German)
Schumacher shoemaker (German)
Schwartzkopf black head (German)
Skander Alexander [skender] (Albanian)
Sliwa, Szilva, Šljivo, Šljivić plum (Polish, Hungarian, Bosnian/Croatian, South Slavic)
Slobodan free (Serbian and other ex-Yu languages) This is a straight adjective, in masculine gender. Free as in not enslaved, not as in beer. Name quite popular immediately after WWII. The feminine pair, Slobodanka, is a noun.
Soros serial, orderly sor [shor] - row, order; soros [shorosh] - orderly, lined up, in order (Hungarian)
Stefan, Stevan Stephen [Serbian]
Stipe, Stipica Stephen [Dalmatian]
Strauss ostrich (German)
Szabo taylor [soboe] (Hungarian)