Names with a meaning - S

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Name actually means
Sara Bootleg (the part of the boot, not sneak recording)  
Sava Sava (the river)  
Senka Shadow
Sever North
Slava Glory, fame *  
Slaven Slavic (national)  
Slavujka Nightingale (fem.)  
Sloboda Freedom
Slovenka Slovenian (national, fem.)  
Sokol Falcon  
Solunka Thessaloniki denizen (fem. noun); also related to Solunac - a soldier who fought at the Thessaloniki front in 1916-1918.  
Srbijanka Serbian (national, fem.)  
Srebrn Silver (adj.)  
SreŠa Happiness*  
Srna Doe
Stamena Constant (adj. fem.)  
Stanica Station (accent should have been different, but it shifted and now it's exactly the same)  
Stanja States * (not member states, not verb, just states as in 'gasseous' or 'of confusion')  
Suza Tear * (and is probably abbreviated Suzana)  
Svemir Universe