Surnames do, too. - D

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Surname actually means
Dalja Farther (adj. fem.)*  
Dan Day  
Degen Degeneric
Delić Little part of *  
Desnica Right (hand, or political side)  
Devetak A niner; a tax amounting to one ninth; ninth-grader  
Dijamant Diamond  
Dilber Sweetheart (male)  
Divljak Savage *  
Dizdar Military ruler of a city in Ottoman Empire  
Dlaka A single hair  
Dobra Good (adj. fem)
Dobrota Goodness *  
Domazet Male married into wife's household (literally: the groom of the home)  
Došlo (it) Came  
Drača Bramble  
Drakula Dracula  
Drezga (I'll need help with this one - should be the remains of some process, from a foundry, or destillery or lard melting, or some such)  
Drljača Harrow  
Drmadžija Shaker  
Droca Slut*  
Dronjak Rag  
Drvanica Wooden handle  
Držak Handle  
Dugonja Long guy  
Dunđer Mason (of turkish origin; cf. Zidar)  
Dušek Mattress