Surnames do, too. - R

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Surname actually means
Rac Serb (as called by Hungarians)  
Račić Little crab*  
Računica Calculation  
Rađen Worked (passive)  
Rak Crab
Raka Grave pit  
Ratar Plowman
Reč Word  
Rečica Creek, rivulet  
Repić Little tail*  
Ribar Fisher  
Rikalo Roarer
Rogač Carob  
Roža Rose (Hun.)  
Rupar Holer (usually added to qualify the animal which prefers to shelter in holes, e.g. squirrel)  
Rupčić Handkerchief *  
Rus Russian (noun)  
Ruža Rose  
Ružica Little rose