Fix English, part 2. - verbs

And what about the poor verbs? Why is it make-made-made, but take-took-taken and shake-shook-shaken? For this first group, however, there's an alternative: shake-shoke-shaken (shapen after wake-woke-waken). The other groups are quite regular... now.

(enough of this, get me back)
Suffix Verb Past tense Past participle
-ake, -ook, -aken bake book or boke baken
fake fook or foke faken
forsake forsook or forsoke forsaken
make mook or moke maken
mistake mistook mistaken
rake rook or roke raken
shake shook or shoke shaken
take took or toke taken
wake wook or woke waken
-ay play plew plain
play plaid plaid
slay slew slain
stay stew stain
may mew main
-eak, -eek break broke broken
creak croke croken
freak froke froken
leak loke loken
peak poke poken
peek poke poken
reek roke roken
seek soke soken
sleek sloke sloken
sneak snoke snoken
speak spoke spoken
squeak squoke squoken
streak stroke stroken
tweak twoke twoken
wreak wroke wroken
-eech, -each beseech besought besought
bleach blaught blaught
impeach impought impought
leech lought lought
pleach plaught plaught
preach prought prought
reach rought rought
teach taught taught
-ell bell bold bold
fell fold fold
jell jold jold
quell quold quold
sell sold sold
tell told told
yell yold yold
-ick, -uck click cluck  
flick fluck  
kick kuck  
lipstick lipstuck  
stick stuck  
-ight right rought rought
fight fought fought
light lought lought
-in, -an scan scun  
spin spun  
-ite kite kote kitten
smite smote smitten
write wrote written
spite spote spitten
-ow, -ew, -own bestow bestew bestown
blow blew blown
bow bew bown
flow flew flown
glow glew glown
grow grew grown
know knew known
plow plew plown
row rew rown
show shew shown
snow snew snown
stow stew stown
throw threw thrown