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osveženo dne 12-XI-2018 16:59:38
Reč koje nema opisni prevod na engleski
bezumlje Literally, "mindlessness", but that has the wrong meaning. Bezumlje is total lack of mind, consciousness and reason; madness. Cf Russian "bezumniy" - build a noun from that adjective and that may be it.
bezvezan Literally, "connectionless". The phrase "without connection" describes anything or anyone that doesn't make sense, doesn't work out in a given context, doesn't foot the bill, or is simply out of place.
bioskop movie theater, but in english it's alway's abbreviated to just theater, and then you don't know if you will see a live act or just a projection.
movie - but then you don't know whether it's about the film or the place where it's shown.
bolesnik An ill person, specially when hospitalized or in bed. Not necessarily a patient - that would require a doctor or someone whose patient it would be, and would assume some treatment going on. "Bolesnik" is literally an illee, no more and no less.
borba struggle, the usual translation, is not quite proper because it implies someone's efforts to cope with troubles in life, while borba should imply more of a fighting stance, not just against current troubles but with a goal ahead
fight is also wrong - borba does not include a brawl or fisticuffs; these may have borba in them ("the boxers fought valiantly" - in that sense yes), but "get into a fight" is completely wrong. If translated as borba, it would mean one wandered into a battlefield, between two other parties, or with another party (but that's already a bit of a stretch)
battle, could be it, but then how do we translate "bitka"?
bos barefoot - which is not exactly the same; "bos" is also when you have socks but not shoes, yet your feet aren't bare. Also makes "bos po glavi" ("barefoot on head", i.e. bald) untranslatable.
bunda Fur coat is what it is... but nobody will call bunda a coat. It's a bunda.