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Reč koje nema opisni prevod na engleski
kajmak Thing is regional - see kajmak on Wikipedia. There's no word in English.
kakav what kind of, like what, what like
klas ear - it's a no go, ear is a part of a mammal's head, while "klas" is exactly the seed-bearing part of a cereal
kod ~ at ~'s house - doesn't really cut it, because you can go "kod ~" even if he's standing in the middle of an empty field. Even if house is omitted, "at ~'s" doesn't work for many situations when something is "kod ~" and there's nothing to attach the 's to - "seo je kod Pere" - he sat at Pera's - Pera's what? Rock on the beach?
with ~ - actually quite wrong, because you can go "kod ~" on your own; that's why "thanks for shopping with us" sounds wrong to me - I'm shopping without any assistance or accompaniment
kuda "where to" as a single word.
kvar A malfunction which wasn't there before. An artifact can malfunction from the beginning, but that's not a kvar; it has to have functioned fine first and then to "pokvariti se" (see below) to develop a kvar.
kvašenica bread fried in a batter, but the batter is just beaten eggs, so it isn't "breaded bread", it's more like "egged bread"
kvočka setting hen - but only of the chicken persuasion, not of any other bird.