Nemam reči - R

osveženo dne 12-XI-2018 17:03:59
Reč koje nema opisni prevod na engleski
ranjenik A wounded person, noun. Woundee?
rasol Sour cabbage juice, the salty water between the heads, with all the best products of fermentation. The best hangover cure in existence. Drink cold, not too much, and stay close to the toilet - may need to run if overdone (aka overdosed).
razmaći Increase distance between, move to the sides, move more apart.
To space, perhaps, but not in the sense of shoving out of airlock. Only in the sense of increasing the distance between.
razuđen jagged - no good, "jagged" is "rapav", "iskrzan", "nazubljen", "zupčast", while "razuđen" applies only to coastlines, those that have many bays and capes.
indented - no good either; "razuđen" means "both indented and outdented" (coastline or sometimes other spatial feature)
rovit the state the yolk of not-hard boiled egg is in; can be taken to mean unfirm, shaky.
ručati "to lunch" - but I haven't heard that one anywhere, and it may actually have a slang meaning now.