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Reč koje nema opisni prevod na engleski
u sebi "Within oneself", opposite of "aloud". One can think, laugh, or even sing inside one's head, without making a sound. "Silently" is not a proper translation, because "ćutke" includes "stoically, without complaint", "ćuteći" (see ćutati), "bezglasno" (voicelessly) is almost the same, and neither of them are a part of any phrase such as "čitati u sebi" (read within oneself, vs "čitati naglas" - read aloud), "smejati se u sebi" (laugh inside).
ucrvljati se "to become worm-eaten" is the nearest that Morton-Benson has.
ugasiti (se) Stop the fire; extinguish; turn (lights) off.
As a reflexive verb, it (fire) stops, extinguishes itself, stops emiting light or flame.
usrati se Literally, "to crap oneself in", i.e. to fill the pants.