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Reč koje nema opisni prevod na engleski
zagoreti to burn, but not really. It's only about food, when it goes brown or black on the bottom or edges, and sticks to the vessel. Specially happens when you boil the milk - can't call that burning, can you? As a passive adjective - zagoreo/la - it denotes a vessel which wasn't properly scrubbed after this happened (possibly more times). In slang it means, by inference, eager for sex after a considerable number of days without it.
zavrzlama "ruse" it is not, i.e. my dictionary is wrong. Ruse happens intentionally, translates as "varka", or "prevara". Zavrzlama is anything that's gone too complicated - think of fishnet, or 100 phone cables entangled in one box, or any mix-up with addresses, all covered by the same term.
zazubice imaginary things growing around one's teeth when one's appetite is tickled
zažmuriti to start keeping [one's own] eyes closed, to close [one's own] eyes
zbeg a travelling party of refugees, usually a whole village on foot.
zepsti freeze - no, because it means going below zero, not just feeling cold
zimnica winter preserves - jam, pickles, dried meat - as a whole
zinuti Ppen (one's) mouth... as a single verb. Also can be said that a shoe does it when its seams unravel.