A British lord sitting in his bathtub has an urgent need to fart. But, it's not decent for such a dignitary to do such a thing, even if he's all alone in his batrhoom. On the other hand, his house is his fortress, and he's entitled to do whatever he likes in it. But, it's still very unbecoming of a blue-blooded person.

Eventually, the nature takes over and the nobleman fires a few strong ones. Two minutes later, his butler arrives with a bottle of whiskey and a glass on a silver platter.

- But George, I haven't asked for any whiskey, why did you bring that now?

- Sir, I have distinctly heard you say "Butlerrrr, brrrring me a bottle of burrrrrbon".


Now why is this a programming joke?
It is not. All customers are very precise and clear in their requests.


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