A Bosnian was hired to do some roadwork in Germany, namely to paint the white line on the road. First day, he painted about 200m, and the boss was quite satisfied, but decided not to lay too much praise too early. The next day, 50m. Hmmm... must be the guys from the union got to him and convinced him to cool off a bit and stop making everybody else look bad. Third day, only 15m. Now this is worse than everybody else, time for some chiding.

Mujo, how do you explain this 200-50-15 meters of your work? What happened? You got lazy all of a sudden?

Lazy? Oh no, but, you wouldn't believe how the third day the bucket with the paint was getting rather far away!


Now why is this a programming joke?
There are two kinds of lazy programmers: the first kind is too lazy to automate anything, so they'd rather type the same 200 char command sequence over and over; the second kind reacts whenever they have to do anything more than three times - they automate the task, even if it takes three days to do and gets used only once. (by my late friend Mita Radulović)


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