[in the mythology of the Second Yugoslavia's jokes, nations were depicted in stereotypes - Montenegrins are lazy, Bosnians are stupid, Lalas (people of Banat) are slow and not too eager to have sex, Slovenians are workaholics etc. They are usually just mentioned by their typical names - Mujo and Haso [short from Muhamed and Hasan] for Bosnians, Janez for Slovenians, Milojko/Milojka for Serbs, Dragec for Croats]

Mujo and Janez got a job to chop wood. First day, Janez got fifteen timbers down, Mujo did just three. Second day, Janez got twenty-two down, Mujo five. Third day, Mujo sneaks out behind Janez to see how does he do it. Janez just takes a stroll down to the place where he worked the day before, gathers some wood, lights a little fire, makes a coffee, has a breakfast with it, cleans up his dishes, packs them back, takes his chainsaw, turns the engine on... and then Mujo jumps out of the bush:
- So you're turning it on!


Now why is this a programming joke?
Ever been in a situation when you had to write a long workaround - and then later saw a straightforward and simple way to do it? All it takes is knowing how to turn it on. RTFM :)


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