A nobleman returns after a few weeks' absence. His servant waits at the gate.

N: So, what is new?
S: Nothing much, just the dog died.
N: Oh... how did it happen?
S: He was trampled by horses. They were running too fast to see him.
N: Why were they running fast?
S: The fire scared them, when the stable started burning.
N: And how did this happen?
S: Well, some of the woodwork from upstairs fell to the stable roof and spread the fire there.
N: So upstairs was burning too? How did the fire start?
S: From the candle. The priest was a little clumsy around your wife's deathbed...
Now why is this a programming joke?
You run some legacy code (worst case, it's your old code),  and notice that it doesn't behave quite well, some minor detail is wrong. You open it up... and find that this detail was just a small piece of something much worse. You brew a lot of coffee and look forward into your merry night of debugging.


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