A lady comes to an unlicensed plastic surgeon to have her... ahem... a little more narrow - she just remarried, and her new husband likes it tight. No problem, $100.
Next year, she comes with an opposite request - remarried again, new husband likes it loose... no problem, $100.
And so, year after year, she had the same surgery back and forth. About seventh time, the fee was $1000.
- Why so much this time - you said it was a routine surgery?
- That's the point, my lady. I'm an artist, I certainly don't want to get into routine. I've installed you a zipper.


Now why is this a programming joke?
You wouldn't know. You never had customers like that.

Uh? So you did have some? And what did you do? Created a different version of the same thing each time, or just added flexibility to your code and made the users switch between options as they like? Well, that's the point: install the zipper.

This joke is actually a part of business philosophy in my old company. For those who speak Serbocroatian, a version of it in that language is on their official website - www.alas.co.yu

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