The post on Ajthat

"The shielded position was bringing in a somewhat smaller amount of money than to other league services (actually, much less than the Communications were receiving for just their internal communications), so the sparingness led to a demand for not just "experts of everything that may be needed", but just "experts for everything". Everybody had to know how to do at least three jobs. This was too much for the last glory hunters who jumped the wagon in the first years. What only remained was a special breed of people, devoted to their uncertain business. The first deal was Grumel, the famous statistical miracle. This didn't help too much with the next one, because,, accidentally, ...all the records on the first mission vanished. Then there came Vrana3, Finana, Sumpor, Renj and Halmazta, all the mislaid human worlds from the migration era, each and every one of them returned to the League membership. That was the produce of the first twenty years, and later there was even less work.

What they were hoping for, and what they have truly feared, was contact with some really alien species. The universe has not sent anything of the kind so far, and there was no need for that. The uncounted human worlds are sufficiently diverse, and ready to display miracles to anyone who is ready to believe in the idea."

These building blocks for a possible book remained unordered. Despite the composers efforts to trust it to oblivion, lack of care and cover of dust as often as feasible, it managed to survive several shifts of technology, and pass unharmed through all the possible conversions, rollovers from one form into another, from one operating system to the next, and it finally (?) found some peace on this place in the Web. Your humble collector of the blocks announces no responsibility on his part on this matter, because he can not claim it will really settle here, or will just start growing from here, if the mere act of its appearance here causes a flood of new blocks.

The items are given in alphabetical order, because this ordering brings a virtual logic into where there's no head nor tail. There's also a numbered guide in parallel to this. The numbers with the chapters may serve as some ordering, but they are more in sequence of their arrival to the editor's desk, than any recommended order to read them by. Maybe that is the recommendation?

Some parts do constitute some stories, but there's no plausible clue as to what comes before and what after. The only thing known here is that the parts before the establishment of the Post go before those where the Post already exists, but that is not in too much of a concordance with the postulate of synkhronicity, so it may turn up to be (or it was always so)(or it will once have always been so) that this ordering is just a temporary illusion.
Until proven otherwise.

[additional comment to the English edition, by translator (not a true Roverli , but as close as it gets)]

[At the time of this translation, there were some 400 kilobytes of the Serbian original text. The editor has decided to translate parts at random, simply overwriting the copies of the text by translated text. This way, all the links inside the text will remain linked to their proper locations - but you can never be sure if the target is already translated. If you see something you can't read, please step back, or try to understand... well, in case you've installed cyrillic fonts and if your browser supports UTF-8 codepage (eight bit Unicode). The titles on this page, at least the readable ones, will take you to translated pages]

[Few years later, the translation is complete, so if you still see some unreadable Cyrillic, yell at the webmaster. The real work can now finally begin]

[While translating, I had an idea that I should continue to keep up with avoiding any Latin words, as was done in the original, but had to give it up. There is simply not enough English words in English. If anyone knows English words for "inversely", "translate", "consciousness", "motion", "notion", and even "plant", or at least the proper ones which have anything but Latin origins, let me know. The only remainder of this effort is the attempt to bring Greek words directly into English, and not through Latin (i.e. 'kiklos' vs 'cycle','stadion' instead of 'stadium' and such - but probably there's still a lot of character instead of kharakter, century instead of hektade etc.). Anyway, the plan is that this will grow but will never be finished.]

Death of judiciary

what is this 5
I would like to move to your planet
Lykeion Vasileion
Mission opening (skenarion)
Mission opening (speech)
Nonsense in the writing

Public services
what is this
Smoking wars
The post on Ajthat
What is known about Ajthat
Where do they ease themselves

The Post
Genesis (end of religion)

Case of failed business
Case of failed business - examples
Meeting the king
What is known about Ajthat

Chapters by numbers:
1. Intro
2. Preparations, takeoff
3. Third chapter has vanished.
4. Various
5. The embassy opens.
6. The plot. The drama. The why.
7. Incomplete material.
8. Belief, disbelief, institutions involved. .

The content of these numbered chapters should be the same as the content on the left side; however, there's no guarantee to that, nor can we hope the third chapter is just temporarily missing. It may be missing by simple miscount, or that the composer, in not-quite-by-himself condition, renumbered the subsequent chapters, to induce more intrigue. If he did that, and if that was his intention, the dust of oblivion from the first sentence has covered that.