28-XII-2018 15:30

The bicycles are pretty much the same, but their purpose is completely different.

They are used for personal transportation, and often to carry loads. Load is usually hung on the handlebar - whatever fits into a tote - or on a rack over the rear wheel. It's not uncommon to see someone having a single bottle of edible oil, or a whole crate of something, on the rack. That's because shopping habits and distances are completely different from those in the West.

Two pieces of equipment that are practically mandatory: mudshields over the wheels, and the little dynamo to produce electricity for the headlight. It gets its rotation from a tiny wheel that touches the tyre, so it works only while it turns.

Mudshields serve to protect your back from the mud and puddles, because often you can't avoid driving over puddles or pavement covered with a thin layer of mud.

Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular since about 2014, and are adopted not by the expected hipster/yuppie population, but by elderly and the housewives in the suburbs, specially those living in nearby villages or having a vikendica or garden there.