11-I-2016 09:46:03

Spellt "jogurt" and pronounced just like yoghurt, and is basically a bacterial culture on milk. That's where the similarities end.

When you buy a yogurt, you won't get a spoon. You won't need one. Yugoslav (well, east of Croatia at least) yogurt is a beverage. IOW, drink it. Shake it first, it may have separated the more liquid parts on top. Shake first, then open it. Everyone will know a couple of stories about people who didn't quite follow this last bit of instruction.

There are as many recipes on how to open a yogurt as some people have about making tea or coffee. Some tear off the lid, some tear a hole sized half teaspoon. Some use their keys and drill two holes on opposing ends - one to suck yogurt through, the other to let the air in. This recipe is the mustache & beard savior.

One can't possibly imagine any business functioning without proper flow of jogurt, burek and coffee.

Update 2014: the size of the standard plastic cup is now increased from 200 ml to 180 ml for the practically same price.