toilets, public

14-I-2011 15:29

Legendary for being unclean, which is why I don't really have much to say on the subject - just like everybody else, I avoid them, haven't been in one in years. They are few and far between anyway, at least those maintained by cities.

The only ones you may not be able to avoid are those on railway and bus stations, which are generally in various states od disrepair (faucets leaking or missing handles, or missing altogether, seats cracked, water on the floor etc), covered with graffitti, and generally ruled by a baba sera, which means pay-per-use.

The ones at the airports and restaurants are generally OK, though the latter can be just borderline usable. Some bar owners go to great lengths to complete their establishment's image, some don't care, so on the one end of the spectrum you may forget what you came for, and just stand and admire the internal architecture (imagine one done in cobalt blue and fuchsia tiles, with water above the basin falling on a slab of mirror, so you watch your hands from both sides), while on the other end you just lose all inspiration and turn around, having done nothing.