packaging (as boxes and bags)

28-XII-2012 19:53

It's been decades since the butchers started packing the meat and sausage in regular greasy paper, then shiny paper which won't stick, and nowadays they have some kind of laminated paper which is plastic foil on one side and paper on the other.

The bags you get in the grocery were once rare. Back in the nineties, one wouldn't leave the house without a bag in the pocket, just in case there's something to buy on the way back and at a place where they don't give (have none, or possibly charge for) the bags. Nowadays, the bags are as ubiquitous as anywhere, and as thin and flimsy.

The groceries are packaged much smaller than in the US. There was never a "supersize me" movement here. Actually, the small package is the norm. People don't have the money, but still want to buy this or that, so they buy little. Coffee, for instance, comes in 100g and 200g packages, haven't seen 1kg like they have in Italy or Germany.

A local curiosity: milk in one liter bags: