cult movies

15-V-2016 00:20

There may be twenty domestic movies that have achieved the heights of the cult status. Not as much in the sense that there are collectibles manufactured and sold, and that the initiates buy them and live in the imaginary worlds from beyond the screen. It's rather that everyone knows the famous quotes, and that the quotes have become part of the language.

For instance, in a public bus, when the passenges enter through the rear doors as well (used to happen while they still had conductors), and the driver wanted to know whether everyone has embarked, someone in the rear would shout "vozi, Miško!" - from "Who's singing back there".

Another scene from the same movie, when a young couple sneaks out, during a funeral, for a quickie in a forest, and other passengers from the bus hide around to watch, the imbecile young driver says "dad, I would like to do that too". Father: "so would daddy, son". This response can still be heard in various situations, even though the movie is from early eighties.

"Homework: find out what a zappa is", "Kids, do you like a fast ride?" (the bad angel, hijacking a school bus), "great, you're the genius, now please go, we got work to do" and the unforgettable mention of a baba sera - from "We're not angels".

"And you should appologize to him for having beaten you"; "...And on Security day, if they remember me, OK, if not, OK" - from "Balkan spy".

"...right away, just need to take the medicine to my aunt first" (in situations when one wants to be anywhere else) - from "Balkan ekspres 2".

Special position of honor, in a category of its own, is held for the Italian comic Alan Ford, which pretty much everyone still quotes: "If you mean to win, you must not lose" "It is better to live a hundred years as a millionaire, than seven days as a poor man" "who flies, is worthy; who is worthy, flies; who doesn't fly is not worthy"

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