school ranks

21-VI-2018 18:22

There's a different set of educational ranks here: teacher teaches grades 1-4; lecturer 5-8, professor 9-12 and college. So saying "school teacher" sounds extremely stupid, like saying "agricultural peasant", as if there was any other kind. Because anything else that may be called teacher in english has a different designation - for separate courses there are instructors and trainers. Even those who were once called non-school teachers (of dance, for example) are now instructors.

Likewise, kids in kindergarten are just kids, no rank; grades 1-12 they are learners (aka pupils or disciples), students are only college students - try to say "elementary school student" in Serbia, and you'll get some laughs, because you described someone who's college age yet still in elementary.

Those attending military or police schools are "pitomci", literally the tamees. That somehow assumes all others are not domesticated at all. Probably the root word had a somewhat different meaning when this expression was made.