mineral water

11-VI-2013 01:03:23

Brandy, i.e. product of fermented and then distilled fruit. Most popular in Serbia proper (that is, south of Sava and Danube) is šljivovica (not sliwowitz, which is someone's brand name, registered in Germany), then lozovača, mostly called loza (literally, "vine" - made of grape). In Vojvodina, loza is also popular, but not as appreciated as kajsijevača (apricot brandy), dunjevača (quince - about twice the price), kruškovača (pear), then maybe apple, peach, mulberry, and various rare types.

There are basically two major kinds: industrial and moonshine. Industrial brandy is, nowadays, not necessarily bad, but the profit hunt makes many manufacturers cut corners, and spend more money on advertising than quality control. There are many chemical tricks that can be employed, and there was a case in the nineties where people actually died from methanol in the brandy. There's a much stricter law now against that, but it's generally hitting the small manufacturers, exactly those who can't spend on advertising and can compete with quality only.