25-XI-2011 14:03

First off, there are no closets in the apartments or houses. Maybe they started making them recently, but generally the only closet-like room is the pantry, which is usually adjacent to the kitchen.

This means the clothes are kept in cupboards, which then means a lot of furniture. The furniture style inherited from XIX century consisted mostly of heavy ormans (from "armoire"), one- and two-winged (meaning they had a single or double pane door).

When they started building novogradnja in the fifties and sixties, the old furniture just wouldn't fit into the reduced space, so they started making "modern" furniture, first of lighter wood, then particle board. The most common item was the so-called "combined room", which wasn't combined with anything at all, it just had everything - a couple of cupboards (smaller or at least shallower than the old ones), a couch, table with four chairs (or, alternately, two or three armchairs with a coffee table).

Later, they invented a whole wall cupboard, modular, which would include one vertical element for coats and dresses, several compartments for shelved clothes, some space for books, a glassed space for glasses and various porcelain trinkets which were a popular decoration at the time, and a bar (actually, just one two-story shelf with a lid which would open down - that was usually the medicine cabinet because no such thing was in the bathroom). For some reason it's called a regal (not an adjective, it's a noun!).

The kitchen furniture went from (usually hand-made) kredenac (credenza) and a table with four chairs to the standard kitchen with hanging elements, the so-called "working part of the kitchen", with the standard line-up of fridge, stove, sink, shelves.

Nowadays the furniture is pretty much the same junk from China as anywhere in the world. Your best bet is to buy used, and have a carpenter or an upholsterer renovate it.