pašteta, make your own

20-XII-2011 12:48:47

Here's the recipe:

500g (1.1 lb) of liver (preferably young beef, but pork or chicken or even mixed would do) one onion (keep in mind that average serbian onion is about the size of average american beet) one carrot one parsley (root) 100g of smoked bacon 100g of butter (or pork lard... if you use margarine, choose a hell in which to burn) 1 laurel leaf few grains of whole black pepper some nutmeg

Chop onion, carrot, parsley and bacon, braise until they go soft. Add laurel and pepper.

Remove the tendons from the liver, add into the mass and braise, but take care to keep it juicy. It shouldn't harden. Grind in the meat grinder (without laurel). Add salt, ground pepper, some nutmeg powder (or freshly grated nutmeg). Add butter before it gets cold. Stir to make uniform mass and pour into a mold - any vessel would do. Optionally give it a bit of crust in an oven or a microwave, so it holds longer.

When it cools down, park it in the fridge and visit as inspired. Spread on bread - thicker if you don't plan to make a sandwich over it.