15-I-2012 01:28:51

There are the regular benches in various public places, mostly central city squares, parks and quays, where you can sit, relax and enjoy the scenery, pretty much like anywhere else in the world. The transition back into capitalism has brought many evils, but the everyday vandalism, which regularly targeted public phones and benches, has largely receded, so these benches mostly survive a number of years now.

However, there are the private benches, specially in villages and suburbs, mostly in Vojvodina, which aren't as luxurious (i.e. no backrest). They are just a plank over a couple of posts, sometimes with one end nailed to a tree (which then grows around the nail). People do them in various styles.

Actually, I'd recommend to see the whole gallery of these village benches here. They should be protected as cultural treasure.

The culture of benches assumes that there's a custom of sitting in front of your house, and that any neighbor passing by may be willing to sit with you for a while, to exchange news and gossip, or just to enjoy some shade. The bench is also welcoming any passer-by, as long as they don't start a picnic on it, or break bottles at night. It's also a favorite place to have sex in the summer, when the trees hide the street lights and any other place is too far from her house (and she has to be home by 23:00 or midnight).