15-VI-2015 04:06:44

The windows have hinges. Older windows have two pairs of panes, inner and outer, with a handle in the middle. This is an old house downtown, used as offices. The frames have a total of 44 hinges and 14 handles.

Newer ones may have a handle on the bottom of the frame, and the newest have it on the side, with two positions - one opens it full swing on side hinges, the other opens it on bottom hinges so that it's open about 12 cm on top. The newer windows also have, most often, a single frame with double glass, nowadays mostly vacuumised for insulation.

In some places there may be windows with horizontally sliding panes, mostly in office buildings. The windows which can't open at all may be found in larger buildings - congress centers, banks, hotels, some hospitals, which then must have their air conditioning systems. These aren't found on ordinary houses.

This here is a mix - the side panes don't open, the middle one does. It's a warehouse.