7-XI-2016 00:57:41

That's how they call ATM here. Get used to it.

The slang name, not widely used but everyone will understand it, is serekeš. It sounds hungarian (actually there is a very similar hungarian surname), but actually means "sere keš" - shits cash.

Most of the bankomats are at least bilingual - serbian and english, that is, no engrbian - but there's also minority languages where geographically appropriate. In my area, the third language is hungarian (coincidence, eh), but it appeared just in 2012, and that's on the machines belonging to a hungarian bank.

Update 2016: the gradual changes in software have it that, starting between august and october this year, the exchange rate is not what you expect, but what is offered. Which may be about 6% (in cases observed so far) than the official exchange rate. It does offer to "proceed with conversion" (i.e. accept the fleecing) or "proceed without conversion" (whatever that may mean). Or you can wait until it times out and switches back to the previous screen where you can cleanly cancel out.