16-XI-2017 16:11:42

The nuisance is alive and well. While it's technically illegal except with your consent, the fact isn't advertised (ha!) and since nobody knows and nobody's willing to sue, they live.

There's no do-not-call list where you can opt out. The operators don't have the permission to remove your number from the list. Once it happened that the same insurance (some austrian outfit, blacklisted now by me) called twice in the same week.

They usually say "Stan Petrović?" - where "stan" means apartment. So they do get your surname and probably name and address, which they could use to say house instead of apartment (knowing the type of building from the street, or seeing just a street number without apartment number) but they don't bother.

They usually call for some companies with engrbian names, in english which they mispronounce and probably has one of typical spelling quirks - they are called "comerc", "comerce", "commerc" but never "commerce" nor "komerc" (which would be proper serbian) etc. They either have a gift for you, an invitation to dinner or have selected you to have a free vacation or a trip. The gift may be real but something you'd never buy; the trip may be free in some parts - like just lodging but not food nor transportation etc. And you'd be exposed to advertising for the duration.

I don't know much more, because my patience with them expires within 45 seconds.