24-XII-2017 09:24:56

MSG is not badmouthed here. Most of the people aren't MSG-aware at all, which means that spice mixes, like legendary Vegeta from Podravka (Koprivnica, Croatia) is still popular, and so are its domestic counterparts (Začin C and a few others), even though its main ingredients are MSG and salt. At some point in the 60s-70s, some slovenian enterprise started selling the japanese "benobled salt" aji-shio, claiming that it contained special ingredient ajino-moto-grutamata. The first two words actually represent the Ajino company, and the third is japanese for glutaminate. Then there are spice mixes which contain just dried vegetables and nothing else. Read the label carefully, it's in several (mostly balkanic) languages, if you don't like MSG.