28-I-2018 06:14:56

Among the specialties here pihtije take a special place. Traditionally made in winter, for two good reasons: first, they need some serious cooling down and fridges are not so old, second, it is a way to use the otherwise unused parts of the pig, and pigs are slaughered in late fall to early winter.

Pihtije (pihh-tea-yeh, with an audible aitch) are an aspic made of a thick stock made of pig feet, knuckles, ears, tails, some skin and pieces of meat off its head. Some smoked meat is added as spice. Add some carrots, parsley roots, garlic, salt and pepper and then cook it thoroughly until the bones fall off. Remove the bones and roots and lay the rest (liquid and meat) in vats, so that it is 12-18 cm deep. Leave it to cool down until it becomes a jelly. Recommended salad is roast sweet red peppers or horseradish. There will be a layer of lard on top, which can be optionally skimmed - while hot, or later.

The Americans' reactions to this were extremely binary - some just loved the idea and wanted to go home to try to make it themselves, some felt nauseous from just talking about the ingredients. One guy couldn't eat his dinner after seeing this picture.