21-VI-2018 18:29

Several categories here. First, those who don't work at all, large percentage. Those would be in the gray economy. Then there are those who get it off the books - those employed "on black". Then those legally employed who don't really get paid, or whose salary arrives with delay of several months and several court decisions, which then usually don't get enforced. Then the lucky ones who get a regular "minimalac", i.e. the legally required minimum wage. Hopefully, they are the majority. Due to the habit accumulated over the last couple of generations, everyone expresses their take-home salary, not the amount before taxes. Because the taxes will be taken out anyway (even if not really paid - many between the third and fourth category discover too late that the amounts for thair social security and retirement were not paid to the appropriate funds) and tax return is something that would affect very few. Or there's no tax return, the extra amount is carried over into the next year - dunno, I know of nobody to whom that would apply.